Grants are available to support arts and cultural activities in regional South Australia that are sustainable, have long term cultural, economic and social benefits, develop partnerships and cultural networks and provide skills development opportunities.

We have a number of documents you can download that will help you apply for or acquit your grants. Please be sure to read through these before applying for a grant.

Available grants

Quick Response Grant — RAF

  • < $1500 individuals < $3000 organisations
  • Currently Closed reopening 1 July 2019

Quick Response grants are to assist applicants who are unable to apply for support from other funding sources because the opportunity occurs outside of a normal grant round. Please discuss with your regional Arts and Cultural Facilitator.

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Step Out Grant - RAF

  • < $10,000 for individuals < $25,000 for organisations
  • OPEN JULY 1 - CLOSES AUG 15 2019

This category is available to support regional. remote and very remote artists and communities to partner with professional artists and arts organisations to create high quality arts projects, create activities that develop cultural networks, build capacity for long term benefits and increase professional development.

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Step Up Grant - RAF

  • < $5,000
  • OPEN 1 July 2019 - CLOSES 15 August 2019

Grants are available to assist regional, remote or very remote artists or communities to undertake small cultural projects or professional or skills development opportunities. This category is available to applicants who have not previously applied to or have been unsuccessful with the RAF.

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Skills Development Grant

  • < $3,000
  • OPEN 31 JANUARY 2019 - CLOSES 15 MARCH 2019

Grants are available to assist groups and individuals to develop art form or cultural development skills through workshops or undertake projects in any art form which will enhance and develop arts practice and culture within communities.

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Shows on the Road (GAL) - Country Arts SA

  • OPENS 7 JAN 2019 - CLOSES 13 DEC 2019

This program aims to increase access to the arts through the delivery of professional performing arts to smaller country centres.

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PITCH your great arts idea

Do you have a great idea for an arts project and not sure what the next step is?

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