Share the Magic

So you love the theatre!

The stories – new and known, the buzz of the audience as they take their seats. The hush as the lights go down and the music swells. The magic of being transported to another world for a few hours.

Live performances inspire and uplift us. They have the power to alter our view of our own lives. Sitting in that dark room among friends and strangers, our world expands.

Would you like to share that feeling with another person?

People living in small country towns don’t have access to the calendar of festivals and live performances that city dwellers take for granted – but we make sure they don’t miss out. It’s what we do.

Your gift will allow more people to experience live and original theatre, music, dance, comedy, human circus, arthouse films and visual art.

  • Our Shows On The Road program tours professional theatre to tiny country towns, where small audiences are welcomed. $45 can help subsidise a show for remote audiences.
  • Shows For Schools provides discounted tickets and specially scheduled performances for students in regional communities. $25 can provide 1 discounted student ticket.
  • We provide online streaming so that big budget live performances can be seen ‘on stage’ by people in small towns. $10 can help pay license fees so audiences can view for free.

We believe art is not a luxury item, it is essential to our sense of self and our wellbeing. Your gift today will help more people experience the magic of live performance.


Donations of $2 or more are fully tax deductible.