In 1972, the Whyalla Art Prize was established by the Whyalla Arts Council. Originally designed to promote regional emerging artists, the prize has flourished and developed into a significant award and is seen as an important exhibition of contemporary arts in Australia.

Discovering new talents, invigorating artistic passions while supporting our national artists has seen the Whyalla community acquire an impressive and notable collection of artworks in iconic styles that reflect the spirit and the changing face of Australia.

The Whyalla Art Prize is a biennial prize open to all Australian residents for wall-based artwork in any medium other than photography.

The 2017 Whyalla Art Prize exhibition will open at the Middleback Arts Centre Saturday, September 30 and will run until December 2nd. The winner of the 2017 Whyalla Art Prize will be announced on Monday, October 9.

Finalists for the 2017 Whyalla Art Prize have been selected. Please see the full list below for shortlisted artists:

Alison Mitchell – Stack
Alun Rhys Jones – The Wrestlers
Amber-rose Hulme – Discarded Respite
Amy Joy Watson – Parachilna
Angus Hamra – White Guys Finish Last?
Anna Dowling – What Lies Beneath
Chee Yong – The Ghost of Convicts Past
Christian Lock – Yellow Mistibishi
Cindy Durant – Wire 1
CJ Taylor – The Hut
Craig Handley – thetrappings2022
Cynthia Schwertsik – Double Check
Dale Collier – Cast In Concrete
Dan Withey – The Three Rivers
Datsun Tran – Year zero
David Carson – “Parade”
Deborah Prior – An Incomplete Family History
Fran Callen – Table 13
Geoff Overheu – Nest
Jade Harland – Girl takes on the waves (in Port Hughes)
James Dodd – JDPMV31712
Jamie Willis – The North Face of Carnage
Jane Skeer – Ochre I
John Foubister – My mind and I in a landscape
Jude Hotchkiss – Cloudfields
Lee Salomone – Country
Lise Temple – The Open Room
Loene Furler – Stare
Lucy Forsberg – ‘a fraction of a wall (or wall based work made from wall for a wall)’
Luke Thurgate – A Confirmed Pervert and the Instigator
Margie Sheppard – Two Boats
Maria Petrova – Constant Companions
Matt Huppatz – passiveaggressive
Matthew de Moiser – Servo (state 8)
Melinda Schawel – Long Way From Home
Melissa Smith – Eye of the needle
Michelle Driver – Windows No. 5 – Portrait Of Dementia
Nancy Mauro-Flude – Valetudo ​(​2016​)​
Provoked – Resistance is Fertile 2/2
Ray Harris – Fallen
Rehgan De Mather – In the House of Flies
Richard Baxter – Star Wheel.
Robin Clare – Sweet Kulcha
Samuel Massey – Dragon’s Breath
Shelly Kelly – Untitled Landscape
Stephanie Wilson – Palm Down
Sue Kneebone and Tamara Baillie – Yield
Sum Woon Chow – Deepspace Horizon (Untitled #2)
Suzannah Jones – Hills of Coal
Tanja Karl – The Games We Play ..Welcome Gaol Open
Tim O’Shea – The Long Summer
Tom Phillips –  Been Train for the Jobs of Tomorrow
Vanessa White – Amateur/Professional
Yori Tajitsu Price – Hide and Seek
Yuria Okamura – Resonance