Just Add Water (2012-2014) was a partnership between Alexandrina Council, Country Arts SA, Arts SA and the Australia Council, presented initially through the State Goverment’s Regional Centre of Culture and then through the Australia Council’s Cultural Places.

Just Add Water demonstrated the impact of an intensive amount of cross-artform activity, which responded to the specific needs and aspirations of this small regional community, and reached a ‘critical mass’ which resulted in significant change in community attitudes and led to operational change within the local government agency, in this case, Alexandrina Council in South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula.

This bold vision has made the nation sit up and take notice, with the focus region concept now replicated in other states so that regional communities nationally will benefit in the same way this one has.


To learn more about Just Add Water and the Regional Centre of Culture program visit our new Cultural Development focused website thedirtsa.com.au.