The World Is Looking For You

Mount Gambier local and nationally acclaimed performer Sarah Brokensha stars in The World Is Looking For You next month.

Straight from the State Theatre’s The Appleton Ladies’ Potato Race in which she played Nikki, Sarah is back on home soil on her farm in the South East and ready to tread the boards at the Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre in a performance close to her heart.

Sarah discovered the story of a woman joining her own search party on an Icelandic Bus tour on Facebook in 2012. It was this idea of a woman who literally goes in search of herself that held a beautiful innocence and elemental sense of humanity that sparked The World Is Looking For You.

The World Is Looking For You draws on Sarah’s real-life experiences. Sarah made the decision ten years prior to move back to Mt Gambier after 17 years practising as an artist in Adelaide, returning to reconnect with family and start her own. Today she is a mother of two young boys, an actor, a wife, a friend – and a farmer.

“When I first read the true story that made worldwide news, that a woman had joined the search party on an Icelandic bus tour looking for herself, it resonated with me,” Sarah Brokensha said.

“We all related to its essential struggle and embraced the article as our source inspiration. The World Is Looking For You mirrors all of our lives in one sense or another. It’s such an uncanny story with a universal theme of not recognising yourself. Life changes us, we don’t always end up who we thought we would, and sometimes it can knock us right off our socks. This play is about needing the spotlight but also running from it, and finding your identity within and beyond yourself.”

The World Is Looking For You is a play of stories. There is the story of a woman who joined a search party, and eventually realised she was looking for herself. There is the story of an actress reading that story and realising the stranger she too has become. There is the story of the lost soul. There are the million stories, about gulfs large and small, who we told ourselves we’d become and who we actually became.

Part memory-play, part found truth, and part conjured fiction, The World Is Looking For You is a story about encountering oneself in the middle of a life and collating the many roles one might play.

Together, one woman and an audience will go searching in the snow for the truth of who we really are.


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