Island to Outback Artist Group – Island to Outback Artist’s Camp

Maggie, Janine and Kenita – Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre South . Image by Quentin Chester

Project Summary

A diverse group of artists from Kangaroo Island travelled together to the spectacular desert landscape of Coward Springs for an artist’s camp. Spending continuous time together in an isolated environment over ten days, far away from the usual daily distractions, was an inspirational opportunity to extend individual practice and create new work. Painters, installation artists, assemblage artists, sculptors, film makers, sound recordists, writers, photographers and a local cultural interpreter explored and developed techniques and new skills through mentoring and artists-led workshops.

Project Type – Professional development for artists and arts workers
Artform – Multi Artform
Project Cost – $20,635
Amount Funded – $13,800
Primary Beneficiary – Artists and arts workers
Grant Type –  Step Out Grant

From The Artist/Organisation

Artists immersed themselves, drawing deep, in a place so different to an island marine environment yet with a similar and unique feel. It was a place to spend time with other artists from a range of disciplines and an opportunity for skills sharing and collaborating….critical for the artistic development for those usually working in isolation.

“I think the key strength of the project was the generosity of all of the participants teaching, encouraging and sharing in an intensive, immersive, inspirational environment, where even a single comment could spark a whole new realm of possibilities. – Assemblage Artist, Janine Mackintosh

Community Benefits

The project has opened up opportunities for exchange of ideas back on the Island. The Group have begun to inspire not only other artists on the Island, but the broader community as well, through mentoring opportunities, workshops and screenings of the film that was shot in Coward Springs. “The community back on the island greatly enjoyed following Kathie Stove’s blog during the camp. It was a great way to keep the island connected with our experience and heightened their interest in viewing the eventual outcomes.” Janine Mackintosh

Public Outcomes

As a direct result of a successful Step Out grant from the Regional Arts Fund, the group are in the process of working on an exhibition launch, a documentary and a digital book, plus community workshops and mentoring opportunities to share the skills that were developed at the Island to Outback Artist’s Camp.