Glenda Rowett Mentorship – A Case Study

After practising art for 35 years (self-taught), building her own studio, website and a substantial client base for Giclee & Paper Prints, Glenda was looking for a challenge to reignite her passion and motivation to create new work but perhaps most importantly taking her work from ‘illustration’ to fine art – and particularly looking at tonal realism.


This desire led Glenda to undertake a  mentorship with artist and teacher Nona Burden. The mentorship will culminate in an exhibition in the Murray Bridge Regional Gallery (late 2015) and the Bordertown Walkway Gallery (early 2016) which will showcase her new contemporary focus.


Glenda had already attended a few workshops with Nona Burden (from Adelaide Central School of Art/Practising Artist). Passionate about the natural environment and having a strong connection to the local landscape Glenda wanted to continue to paint these subjects, but with a new approach and a stronger reference to a contemporary art practice.  Together they endeavour to catch up at least once a month face to face, and speak regularly through email, phone and video hook-up.


Glenda has found the process of studying at a fine art level both exciting and a challenge. She has had many – what she calls breakdownsduring the creation of her new works, but under Nona’s guidance and as she moves forward she sees the positive influences at play.


Project Name: Mentorship with Nona Burden

Funding Recipient: Glenda Rowett

Funding Program:  Regional Arts Fund Step Up