EOI – Vietnam Aboriginal Diggers Exhibition

Call for Expression of Interest from South Australian Aboriginal artists to be commissioned for new work that responds directly to the stories of Aboriginal service men and women who served in the Vietnam War.

Working directly with Creative Producer Lee-Ann Tjunypa Buckskin and Curator Jessica Clark the artists will be designated a recorded story and asked to respond to create a new work which will be exhibited in Port Augusta, Port Lincoln and then Adelaide.

Closing date has been extended until Thursday 20 September 2018 at midnight.

Artists are invited to express interest for the project by completing and returning the form below.

The role of each commissioned artist/s is to develop a concept design in consultation with the Creative Producer and Curator that creatively responds, translates and represents the stories and information supplied.

The selected artists will be commissioned to create new work that responds directly to the stories of Aboriginal service men and women from South Australia who served in the Vietnam War. The works produced will stand as vital historical documentation. Projects such as this are not only significant to South Australia’s history but ensures that silent voices have a platform for their stories and experiences to be shared and appreciated with community and the wider public.

When the PDF form opens in your browser directly download it to your computer and open with Adobe Reader (get Adobe Reader here).

Download application form here

The Project
With this year being the final year of a 3-year project devoted to telling the untold stories of South Australia’s Aboriginal Veterans, the Aboriginal Diggers Project has now brought curator Jessica Clark into the fold to assist in the production of a Visual Arts exhibition focussed on sharing the stories, untold histories, and experiences of the Aboriginal men and women from South Australia who served in the Vietnam War.

The project will culminate as an experiential exhibition that offers insight and knowledge into what life was like before, during and after the Vietnam War for South Australia’s Aboriginal Veterans. Told from an Aboriginal perspective, the exhibition will be realised through the commissioning of a selected group of nationally renowned Aboriginal artists, together with emerging artists and curators currently living and working in regional South Australia.

The exhibition will tour to three galleries in South Australia – starting with the official launch at Tandanya on April 24 and the exhibition will be open to June 1 2019, before touring to Walter Nicholls Gallery in Port Lincoln from June 10 – July 25 and then Yarta Purtli Art Gallery in Port Augusta on August 5 – September 14.

The Aboriginal Diggers Project has been a three-year project spearheaded by Country Arts SA with Creative Producer Lee-Ann Tjunypa Buckskin. Over the past two years, the team have produced a short film titled ‘Coming Home’ about two WWI soldiers (2016/17), and a play titled ‘Mi:Wi 3027’ that told the story of a Ngarrindjeri WWI POW Roland Carter and Jewish German Ethnologist Leonhard Adam (2017/18), with overwhelming success.