Drawing on Country: Inside Out – where art meets YOUR environment

Artwork by Sally Parnis.

With our physical boundaries limited as we stay home during the Covid-19 pandemic, the popular outdoor event, Drawing on Country is changing its outlook.

This year participants will record their ‘interior environment’ during a unique time in our lives of social distancing and isolation. It could be a still life, a part of your garden, your neighbourhood or a quiet spot in a nature park. Then photograph and upload your artwork in an online exhibition. The ability to upload your work online will be available from June 6, all registered participants will be sent the details closer to the date.

Drawing on Country: Inside Out is a community art event, which invites people of all ages and abilities to create; from well-known practising artists to enthusiastic hobbyists and children. This year the brief is to explore, in whatever medium you choose, your interior environment on June 6, 2020.

Creative Partnerships Manager Di Gordon said, “With these new challenges comes a new opportunity for this much loved annual event to bring even more participants into the warm embrace of this creative space. Traditionally, participants have recorded their local environment at designated sites across the state. In 2020, there is unlimited opportunity for participation.”

“Your location may be inside or outside the home, wherever you are isolating. You may be remembering a beautiful place visited in the past and interpreting that memory or imagining somewhere entirely new. Your interior may be filled with interesting objects providing endless inspiration for still lives, both conventional and unconventional. Find a subject that inspires you and use any artistic tools and processes to create. The possibilities are limitless as with a change of creative lens you draw on your own resources!”

If you’d like to participate, register by clicking the link below.

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