Creative space for artistic exploration at Palace of Production in Emu Bay, Kangaroo Island

Photo: Gail Hocking working in the POP studio

Heading into its sixth year in 2023, the four-week Palace of Production Artist Residency at Emu Bay, Kangaroo Island provides a dedicated space to a contemporary visual artist to expand on their practice and career.

Since its inception in 2018, the Palace of Production (POP) residency has given artists Cynthia Schwertsik (2019), Jane Skeer (2020) Laura Wills (2021) Gail Hocking (2022) the freedom and inspiration to create a new body of work.

“The POP residency gave me the opportunity to become immersed (without routine interruptions) in my practice and research which gave way for building platforms of ideas, experiments and concepts. I found this way of working revealing and quite open.  I feel residencies are absolutely important for myself as an artist to have that time away from everything and dedicate it to my practice,” said Gail Hocking.

Country Arts SA is now inviting visual artists residing in regional South Australia to apply for the 2023 POP residency which will take place between 1 April and 6 May.  The residency is for four weeks, and the work must be completed by 6 April.

The residency honours the creative spirit of Cath Cantlon, who produced contemporary art and sculpture in her Palace of Production (P.O.P) studio, built behind the home she shared with her partner in Emu Bay, Kangaroo Island.

Cath’s working life was dedicated to extensive collaborations in theatre, film, community and public art, and interior and exterior designs for new architectural builds across regional and urban South Australia. She always referred to her studio as “the palace” because when built in 2012, her partner dubbed it the “Palace of Production”.

The vision for the residency is to provide a contemporary visual artist a desirable opportunity to immerse themselves in artistic exploration, reflection and seeding of new work in a well-equipped artist’s studio within the tranquil, natural surroundings of Kangaroo Island.

A self-contained unit, adjacent to the P.O.P will be provided for the duration of the residency.

Country Arts SA Arts & Culture Leader said, “This residency gives precious time and space to a contemporary visual artist to be immersed in the natural beauty of Emu Bay on Kangaroo Island to expand on their practice and career. We have seen South Australian artists expand their practice and go onto receiving recognition through scholarships, awards and solo exhibitions as a result of the work seeded through the residency.

One artist in 2023 will be selected to take part in the residency program. The successful applicant will be provided with an artist fee, living allowance and a travel stipend, please read all the details here before you apply. Regional South Australian artists from a visual arts discipline are encouraged to apply.

Applications must be submitted online by 5pm Friday 27 January 2023

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