Create for Cuttlefest

Held as part of the 2019 Whyalla CuttleFest, the CuttleFest Art Prize will showcase the public’s creativity and enthusiasm in representing the chameleon of the sea.

The art prize is open to all residents of Whyalla and their families. The brief? Create a piece of art capturing the essence of cuttlefish or other local marine creatures. The artworks will be displayed at the Middleback Arts Centre Foyer between June 17 and July 22.

City of Whyalla’s Arts and Cultural Facilitator Deb Hughes said the prize was great way for people to get involved without having to jump into the water.

“The Art Prize is fantastic way to get into the spirit of CuttleFest and to showcase the creative side of the Whyalla people without having to get your toes wet.

We encourage artists to go wild creatively; much like the cuttlefish itself, the artwork can come in all shapes and colours as long as it is related to the cuttlefish or other local marine creatures.

The mural on the Whyalla Dive Shop window (pictured) is a great example of cuttlefish art done by local artist Jordan Kerslake and we’d like to see entries just as colourful and creative.”

Deb Hughes

The winning entry as voted by the public will receive two double snorkel passes provided by Experiencing Marine Sanctuaries.

Entry forms can be found online at, at the Council offices on Darling Terrace, the Middleback Arts Centre and the Whyalla Public Library.

Entries must be submitted by 5pm, Friday June 8.

Enquiries to Deb Hughes on 8640 3444 or by email [email protected]

Image: Cuttlefish Mural located outside the Whyalla Dive Shop on Playford Avenue. Artist: Jordan Kerslake.