Chaffey Theatre moves into the future

Thirty-six years ago the opening of the Chaffey Theatre was rightfully greeted by the community as a significant step forward for the communities of the Riverland.  A lot has changed in those decades and as we move into a new world the way we experience art and theatre has changed. And so, the Chaffey Theatre needs to change too.

With the provision of infrastructure funding, we aim to transform the Chaffey Theatre into a contemporary destination that is contextual, striking, and reflective of the deep narrative of the Riverland.

Country Arts SA Chief Executive Anthony Peluso has unveiled a masterplan for an upgrade project designed by Grieve Gillet Andersen architects in consultation with the community. It is seen as a place that could be active all the time and utilised more with the potential to cater for the new types of creativity within the Riverland community.

The new multipurpose performance and community spaces allow for myriad opportunities: hosting large scale conferences to intimate and immersive performances, touring exhibitions as well as local artwork; and a community gathering space that promotes lifelong learning and engagement.

The external landscape will also create a sense of arrival, provide shelter and provide opportunities for night time events. The integration of art will not be just inside but within the landscape, buildings and infrastructure that will enhance the visitor experience.

Check out the Chaffey Theatre Masterplan here