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Wild Dog is an immersive installation and exhibition exploring the importance of one of Australia’s most misunderstood but significant cultural symbols – the dingo.

This is the first artistic outcome of a multi-year cultural maintenance and revival project that connects the Dingo story from Kaurna and Narungga country in South Australia to Lardil Country in Mornington Island, including cultural links stretching to the Wild Dog story for the Bunun people from Taiwan.

The project, conceived and artistically directed by Kaurna/Narungga artist Jacob Boehme, has been created to preserve and maintain the Wild Dog story. Often renegaded as a pest, the Dingo has and continues to be a significant living figure in First Nations’ cultures and presence within the Australian ecological system.

The exhibition will feature film animation, puppetry, dance, song and immersive art works, along with a public program of panels and talks that will further explore themes within the works. A beautiful and visceral multi-media event open to all ages.

Wild Dog is presented by Tarnanthi and will be held at Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute from Friday 15 July until Saturday 20 August 2022.

On opening night, July 15, Tandanya will be open until 8.30pm and include a program of public talks, find out more here.

Image: Peter Waples-Crowe

Presented by Tarnanthi at Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute as part of Illuminate Adelaide

Produced by Country Arts SA and Insite Arts


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Creative Team

Wild Dog Dreaming – Narungga Film

Director & Writer
Jacob Boehme | Narungga, Kaurna Peoples

Cinematographer & Editor
Keith Deverell

Insite Arts International
Jason Cross, Kate Hancock, Penelope Leishman & Victoria Raywood

Country Arts South Australia
Samantha Yates | Taungurung, Louisa Norman, Seb Calabretto & Dominic Guerrera | Kaurna, Ngarrindjeri Peoples

Cheeky Boy
Jacob Boehme

Narungga Songwoman & Lyricist
Sonya Rankine | Ngarrindjeri, Ngadjuri, Narungga, Wirangu Peoples

Aviana Chantrill-Daveson | Ngarrindjeri, Ngadjuri, Narungga, Wirangu Peoples

Aunty Deanna Newchurch | Narungga, Kaurna, Adnyamathanha, Ngaduri, Ngarrindjeri Peoples
Uncle Rex Angie | Narungga, Kaurna, Bungala, Nauo, Wirangu, Ngadjuri Peoples
Uncle Dimmy Agius | Narungga

Narungga artifact maker
Ian (Bobo) Harradine

Garrdi & Dhuggudja Dancers
Tjaruta Dance Collective:
Melanie Koolmatrie | Ngarrindjeri
Caleena Sansbury | Ngarrindjeri, Narungga, Kaurna Peoples
Kenneth Johnson | Ngarrindjeri, Erawirung, Kanakas Peoples

Kaine Sultan-Babij, Eastern Arrernte, Gurindgi Peoples

Aunty Lynette Newchurch | Narungga, Kaurna, Adnyamathanha, Ngaduri, Ngarrindjeri Peoples

Gadli Puppeteers
Alison Currie
Cazna Brass

Composer & Sound Designer
James Henry | Yorta Yorta, Yuin, Yuwaalaraa, Gamilaraay Peoples

Background Vocals
Jacob Boehme & James Henry

Kaine Sultan-Babij

Costume Design & Art Finishing
Kathryn Sproul & Suncana Gogic

Costume Consultant
Aunty Deanna Newchurch

Costume Construction (The Boy, Black Dog Puppeteers)
Suncana Gogic & Tesa Gogic

Costume Construction (The Elders, Dancers, Children)
Seana O’Brien

Woven Costume Accessories (The Elders)
Sonya Rankine

Puppet Design & Creation
Tim Denton

Hair, Make-up & Special Effects
Beverley Freeman

Unit Production Manager
Kate Hancock

Production Supervisor
Ollie Black

Camera 1st AC
Sasha Smith, Boandik People

Set Production Coordinator & on-set Photographer
Pirie Martin

Set Production Assistants
Uncle Rex Angie, Seb Calabretto & Dominic Guerrera

Caroline Bonnett, Marion Bay Catering

Soundtrack Mastering
Andrew Robinson

Colleen Raven

Wild Dog Dreaming has been made with permission from Narungga Elders and the community.

Wild Dog Dreaming is an adaptation of several ancestral stories from the Narungga Nation as told by Papa Eddie Sansbury and his grand-daughters, Aunty Irene Agius, Aunty Pamela and Aunty Elaine Newchurch, with permission from Narungga Elders.

Wild Dog Narungga cultural story, handed down from Aunty Irene Agius to Quenten Agius and Louise Brown.

Filmed on Narungga Country, South Australia


Six Dog Night – Kaurna Exhibition

Artistic Direction
Jacob Boehme
Narungga, Kaurna peoples

Recording artist/Editor
Raymond Zada
Barkindji People

Dominic Guerrera
Ngarrindjeri, Kaurna Peoples

Aunty Lynnette Crocker

Uncle Lewis O’Brien

Astronomy Consultant
Paul Curnow

Kaurna Night Sky Design
Graeme Stanley

Dingo Soft Sculptures Design
Kathryn Sproul

Dingo Soft Sculpture Construction
Seana O’Brien


Taiwan Exhibition

Dr Biung Ismahasan
Bunun People, Taiwan

Elders in Residence
翁德才 Mu’u, 林蘇紫美 Ingu, 韃虎.伊斯瑪哈單.伊斯立端 Dahu Ismahasan Islituan, 伊斯坦大.阿布 Istanda Abu, 黟布 Ibu and 曾秋明 Amui

Students from Namasia Junior High School


Lardil – Ngarrimbi

Roxanne Thomas

Uncle Frank Watt


Kaiadilt Exhibition

Netta Loogatha Birrmuyingathi Maali

Jacob Boehme

John Armstrong



Students from Central Yorke School, Maitland, Yorke Peninsula
Caitlin Wanganeen
Isaiah Rigney
Caylum Karpany-Drover
Kuliah Power
Blake Elliot
Tyreese Scott
Tiaysha Power
Kyleasha Scott

Jacob Boehme

Giant Devil Dingo

Book by Dick Roughsey, Lardil People
Film by Western Woods Studio

Thank you

There are so many people and organisations that came together to make this project happen. Thank you to each and everyone of you.

Original Wild Dog Working Group

Uncle Lewis O’Brien
Uncle Klynton Wanganeen
Uncle Eddie Newchurch
Uncle Jeffrey Newchurch
Uncle Moggy Sumner
Aunty Regina McKenzie

Original artistic and cultural advisor

Lee-Ann Tjunypa Buckskin

Narungga artifact maker

Ian (Bobo) Harradine

Narungga Elder in school

Aunty Lynette Newchurch

Narungga Artists in schools

Sonya Rankine
Clem Newchurch
Nikki Ashby
Brad Harkin
Kev Kropinyeri
Jacob Boehme

Elders performing in Narungga Dance film

Aunty Deanna Newchurch
Aunty Lynette Newchurch
Uncle Rex Angie
Uncle Demetrious (Dimmy) Agius

Kaurna Elders consulted

Uncle Lewis O’Brien
Aunty Lynette Crocker

Lardil Elders consulted

Aunty Roxanne Thomas
Uncle Frank Watt


翁德才 Mu’u
林蘇紫美 Ingu
韃虎.伊斯瑪哈單.伊斯立端 Dahu Ismahasan Islituan
伊斯坦大.阿布 Istanda Abu
黟布 Ibu
曾秋明 Amui

Narungga Elders & Community Consulted

Jeffrey Newchurch
Melissa Agius
Carlo Sansbury
Renate Sansbury
Dimmy Agius
Angelena Harradine
Michael Wanganeen
Lesley Wanganeen
Tanya Angie
Ann Newchurch
Cyril Kartinyeri
Paul (Henry) Baker
Roslyn Goldsmith
Christina Stockley
Robert Weetra
Eddie Newchurch
Ian Harradine
Cecil Graham
Garth Agius
Evelyn Varcoe
Lyn Harrison
Merle Simpson
John Buckskin
Claudia Buckskin
Lyall Sansbury
Janine Sansbury
Ian Harradine
Claudia Smith
Alice Newchurch
Lizzie Newchurch
Ronnie Newchurch
Kevin Oloughlin
Jason Hartwig
Anne Newchurch
Melissa Agius
Bart Sansbury
Angelina Harradine
Demetrious Agius
Lyn Harrison
Jade Brook
Tanya Angie
Janita Haven
Kaiya Agius
Amanda Beare
Mathew McMenamin
Lynda Webb
Bart Sansbury
Johanna Kite
Marlene Harradine
Jade Harradine
Leonhard Miller
Michael Wanganeen Jnr
Peter Turner
Vanessa Agius
Peggy Weetra
Kaylene O’Loughlin
Klynton Wanganeen
Ronnie Newchurch
Edmond O’Loughlin
Kelly Sansbury
Peggy Weetra
Kaylene O’Loughlin
Klynton Wanganeen
Ronnie Newchurch
Edmond O’Loughlin
Kelly Sansbury

Produced by

Country Arts SA
Insite Arts

Presented by

Art Gallery of South Australia
With support from Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute

Supported by Partners

Narungga Nations Aboriginal Corporation
Point Pearce Aboriginal Corporation
Mirndiyan Gununa – Mornington Island Art Centre
Central Yorke School
Namasia school
State Library South Australia

Funded by

Indigenous Languages and Arts
Arts South Australia
Arts Queensland
Ministry of Culture Taiwan
Port Adelaide Enfield Council
Country Arts SA – Regional Arts Fund
Artback NT
Australia Council for the Arts
Lucy Guerin Inc

Special thanks to the Narungga students at Central Yorke School, Maitland, Yorke Peninsula and to the exhibition designers Skein.

Sponsored by

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