Mum. One of the first words we say is the easiest but means so much.

For these six men, who, as a result of intellectual disabilities, live with their mums for most or all of their lives, the relationship with their mother is the most important human connection they have.

With heart, humour and honesty, these sons tell stories of their mothers as they recount their lives from childhood to adulthood, complete with challenges and triumphs.

These are love stories made all the more potent because of disabilities the men live with and their humble take on discrimination they’ve faced.

Sons and Mothers from No Strings Attached on Vimeo.

A No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability production written, devised and directed by Alirio Zavarce with and for the Men’s Ensemble of No Strings Attached.

Toured by Performing Lines for Road Work.

Age: 8 +


Download the SONS and mothers Study Guide.

Download the SONS and mothers Teachers Notes.


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