Presented by the Walkway Gallery in partnership with the Art Gallery of South Australia.

A crowd gathered together, facing forward in unison, attentive and alert, each individual with their own seat. This crew is focussing on the prospect before them, staring straight ahead, intent. What are they looking at? Who are they looking for?

The Wake is a gathering of spirits, relatives, friends and lovers. Culminating in the form of objects, the artist Nell explores binary opposites: life and death, happiness and sadness, light and dark.

From its inclusion in the 2016 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art at The Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, exclusively to the Walkway Gallery in Bordertown.

“All of the joy and sorrow of my whole life is contained in this work.” 

Image Credit: The wake, 2014-16, mixed media, dimensions variable. Image courtesy of the artist.

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Robyn Stacey: Ray of Light
  • Visual Arts

Robyn Stacey: Ray of Light

1st December 2018 — 27th September 2020

First shown at the 2016 Adelaide Biennale of Australian Art: Magic Object, Sydney-based photographer Robyn Stacey used camera obscura to depict the city of Adelaide as it has never been seen before.

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