Based on a cult comic book series of the same name, I Kill Giants tells the story of teenage girl Barbara, who escapes from reality into a fantasy world where she hunts and kills giants. Sophia, the new girl in town, quickly befriends Barbara and reality blurs with fantasy as the two friends navigate the prickly terrain of teenage life and giant hunting.I Kill Giants is a gorgeously emotional story, playing like a mash-up between Pan’s Labyrinth and Stranger Things

Robyn Stacey: Ray of Light
  • Visual Arts

Robyn Stacey: Ray of Light

1st December 2018 — 27th September 2020

First shown at the 2016 Adelaide Biennale of Australian Art: Magic Object, Sydney-based photographer Robyn Stacey used camera obscura to depict the city of Adelaide as it has never been seen before.

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