Imagine if you decided to go and play with your dog in the park in the moonlight, but there is no park, no dog and indeed no moonlight; all you have is yourself and a crayon!

Using lines of neon light, fluro-markers, lasers and much more we create a magical interactive light experience. The audience is immersed in a lighting playground and will help build a unique world as we animate the space around them.

Of course when things get all messed up and scale becomes a big problem, we need to take a different perspective to find the clarity among the chaos.

Inspired by Harold and The Purple Crayon

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The Sapphires
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The Sapphires

23rd July 2019 — 2nd August 2019

One of Australia's best-loved stories is coming to your region

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Fiona O'Loughlins Gap Year
  • Comedy

Fiona O'Loughlins Gap Year

9th August 2019 — 18th September 2019

Presented by Fiona O'Loughlin Productions

Gap Year is O’Loughlin at her finest. A gifted raconteur, Fiona takes the audience on the raw journey that followed her near fatal coma.

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