We wish to entertain you with a showcase of local talent performing choreographed routines such as, marching, singing, dancing, acrobatics, plus much more for your enjoyment and celebration.

Our students range in ages 3 years up to 80+ years of age. This talent is performed throughout South Australia at many competitions each year and the students love to perform for an audience. This sport is great for building confidence, lifelong friendships and mastering skills you never knew you had. When the music starts and the performers are on stage you can’t help but tap away to the beat or enjoy those cute little darlings performing for the first time ever.

Robyn Stacey: Ray of Light
  • Visual Arts

Robyn Stacey: Ray of Light

8th August 2020 — 14th November 2020

First shown at the 2016 Adelaide Biennale of Australian Art: Magic Object, Sydney-based photographer Robyn Stacey used camera obscura to depict the city of Adelaide as it has never been seen before.

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