Country Arts SA presents Dance Makers Collective DADS

Dance Makers Collective have discovered a secret underworld of Dad dancing. For their new show they asked their Dads to help them create it. The team interviewed their Dads and revealed secret headphone and tambourine routines, African Dance lovers, 1960’s Rock n Roll partner dancing and more. The dads won’t be busting their moves on stage, but audiences will hear the interviews recorded by their sons and daughters, and their musical preferences form the show’s soundtrack. The team has taken inspiration from this shared collective of family history and memories of dance, and daggy dad dance moves that are actually a beautiful foray into the layman’s perspective on art.

“The seeds of this show came from when I asked my dad to come into the dance studio with me one day, director Miranda Wheen says. Her dad Alan is a retired furniture removalist. “I had an idea that maybe he could choreograph something. But we got totally distracted by his opinions on dance, on how it should or shouldn’t happen, and where it should or shouldn’t take place.” Alan also revealed he was a bit of a dancer himself. “He has wireless headphones at home and he dances in his bedroom with a tambourine. It’s hilarious, but at the same time, I didn’t know anything about it.”

Photo Dominic O’Donnell

DADS – Dance Makers Collective from Dance Makers Collective on Vimeo.

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