Country Arts SA presents Dance Makers Collective DADS

The Dad Dance – we’ve all witnessed it, or are guilty of busting our best Dad moves at a party. Dance Makers Collective have discovered a secret underworld of Dad dancing, and to create their new show they’ve called in the experts, their Dads. Interviewing and dancing with their Dads revealed secret headphone and tambourine routines, African Dance lovers, 1960’s garage party dancing and so much more. The team have taken inspiration from their family histories, memories of dance, and their own experience of being professional dancers.

Dads from the South East are invited on stage at the Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre to bust their moves as part of Dance Makers Collective dance performance with a big heart – DADS on July 24, 7pm.

Dads, grandads and their children or grandchildren (all participants must be 15+) can volunteer to be a part of DADS on stage at the Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre. Volunteers will need to attend a 2-hour workshop to have a dance and learn the ropes with Dance Makers Collective, followed by a quick run in the theatre an hour before the show, and during the show they will perform their greatest Dad moves!

Want to boogie on stage as part of DADS? Or dob in your Dad* to be part of the experience? Fill out our form here. You don’t need to be a professional dancer to participate, just a great attitude and be ready to reveal your best moves.

Photo Dominic O’Donnell

DADS Trailer – 30 Sec from Country Arts SA on Vimeo.

*Dads must consent to participating, which might require a little convincing!

Want to boogie on stage as part of DADS? Or dob in your Dad* to be part of the experience?

*Dads must consent to participating, which might require a little convincing!

Dance Makers Collective’s last show Big Dance in Small Chunks was nine short works by each member of the collective. With Dads there is one director and each of the nine members contribute the choreographic content of the show.

Using a democratic and fluid-structure DMC is honing a process of communal dance making whereby we might borrow, hand over for a time, or re-work each others’ choreographic ideas and material. So each section of the show you see may have moved through a number of creative hands. This process is constantly evolving, and requires a lot of trust and negotiation. Our leaping off point for this show was those pockets of society where dance is unexpected, so naturally our dads seemed a good place to start. Delving into the dance histories of our own dads and their relationships to dance, we began to understand that they have a very particular perspective framed by their experience of being the fathers of professional dancers. Looking wider and talking with other dads we realise that it’s this place, somewhere between dance for the stage and dance that might occur in the privacy of your bedroom, that we wanted Dads, the show, to exist.

We think it’s important to acknowledge the multitude of relationships people have with their fathers: loving, tricky, close and distant (in heart and geography) and that the dads involved here in the show represent only a small part of that infinite variety of meaning behind the word ‘dad’. What making this show also revealed to us were the countless different relationships that people have to dance, and that even though they might happen in ways that we don’t expect, they are no less valuable.

Also, a big shout out to the Mums – sorry, next time.
– Miranda Wheen

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