At Country Arts SA we believe that arts and culture are fundamental to living a full life. Acknowledging the wisdom of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and communities who know that sharing stories deepen connections to country and each other, we want to bring local stories to life and share them with the rest of the world.

We are always learning and encourage our staff to be curious as they are the lifeblood of our organisation. We recognise that having a diverse workforce will be key to co-designing arts and cultural experiences that are sought after and that building positive relationships will enhance their impact. As an organisation we know we must be entrepreneurial and always mindful of our environmental footprint.

It’s our responsibility to ensure that everyone can take part, that spaces for arts and culture are inspiring and welcoming gathering places fit for our Australian environment, and the unique culture and art of regional South Australia is recognised by others.

We succeed when the knowledge and experiences of our staff, the communities we live in and the artists we work with are central to the decisions we make together. This strengthens our business and underpins a culture of collective responsibility to ensure we continue to create great experiences with regional communities.

Over the past year, we have developed a plan with our staff to ensure the sustainability of the organisation. This has led to more employment opportunities for regional people across all parts of our business, the modernization of our systems and our four regional theatres; and increasing our capacity to produce new work with artists and communities.

Country Arts SA is recognised locally and nationally for the way we create, share and enable arts and culture across regional South Australia. We’ve been doing it since 1993 and we’re now building creative, agile and future focused teams for the next phase of the organisation’s trajectory.


We’re currently hiring for three positions, find out more about the roles below:

Aboriginal Creative Producer
Are you enthusiastic about the development of new work by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Artists, communities and sharing of stories from regional South Australia?
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Film Producer – Nunga Screen 2020
Are you a self-motivated film programmer who identifies as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander interesting in curating an innovative program for Nunga Screen 2020?
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Arts & Cultural Facilitator
The Regional Council of Goyder in partnership with Country Arts SA is seeking a community arts professional to develop and undertake a three year program to assist regional communities with the achievement of their arts and cultural aspirations.
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