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The Country Arts Foundation Future Fund is the most important source of philanthropic support. Secured in perpetuity, it underwrites core activities and programs.

As the endowment grows, the Future Fund strengthens Country Arts SA and allows for autonomy and reliable planning. The Future Fund provides a flow of predictable revenue, enabling us to be less reliant on volatile funding sources such as grants.

More about the Future Fund?

What is an Endowment Fund?

An endowment is created by a donor from a gift, with the majority of endowments having a legal stipulation that the original gift may never be expended and only the earnings can be used. The objective of the endowment fund is to provide both long-term capital growth and a current income stream, which is critical to sustaining and enhancing Country Arts SA’s position

An endowment is a permanent, self-sustaining source of funding. In an endowment fund, the principal is invested in perpetuity and only a portion of the investment’s earnings is used each year to support the fund’s purpose, and any earnings in excess of this distribution are used to build the fund’s market value.

Why is an Endowment Important?

The Endowment Fund provides consistent finance and enables Country Arts SA to make commitments to regional artists and audiences, independent of volatile government funding and revenue cross-subsidy.

What are the objectives and strategy of the fund?

The Fund’s long-term investment objective is Consumer Price Index (CPI) + 4% per annum, with distributions up to a maximum of 5% of the value of the Fund each year. 

A growth biased investment strategy has been adopted with approximately 80% growth assets and 20% defensive assets. This strategy is consistent with the Fund’s objective of providing both long-term capital growth and a current income stream through exposure to a diversified investment portfolio

Alternative Donation Methods

  • Bank Deposit

    Please quote your name in the electronic transfer and provide your remittance advice to [email protected]

  • Phone

    Please call us on 0491 175 337 and we can process your donation over the phone or post out a donation form.

  • Mail

    Post your donation form to us at:
    Country Arts Foundation
    2 McLaren Parade

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Country Arts SA recognises that we are living and creating on First Nations Lands and we are committed to working together to honour their living cultures.