Country Arts SA’s Visual Arts Program works with nineteen galleries across regional South Australia to achieve three key goals:

  • Promote contemporary SA artists to a wider state and national audience.
  • Create access and exchange between SA’s regional and metro artists and gallery spaces.
  • Build audience accessibility via our Learning Connections program.

The program’s emphasis is on contemporary visual arts practice acknowledges the need to promote innovation, education, growth and conceptual and technical development in the arts across South Australia and interstate. This program aims to raise the public profile of the South Australian regional galleries, ensuring a sustainable climate of exchange between metro and regional areas.

Please be aware that the Country Arts SA program is a state-wide program that aims to support a range of mediums, ideas, geographies and career levels. For this reason, we need a balanced program, and as such some exhibitions may be unsuitable due to timing. We recommend you speak to the Visual Arts Coordinator prior to submitting exhibitions for touring.

Touring exhibitions come in all forms. They can be:

  • curated group exhibitions
  • solo exhibitions
  • a gallery collection exhibition
  • an exhibition celebrating a specific medium (textiles, ceramics, video work)
  • any other type of visual arts exhibition

How to apply to be part of the Country Arts SA touring program

You must read the Touring Exhibition Guidelines prior to submitting your exhibition for consideration.

Tours are programmed and developed approximately 12-18 months prior to the first tour date.

There are no set deadlines to apply to the program, and applications can be emailed at any time.

New proposals will be recorded and then considered when the next available touring slot becomes available. This can take up to 8 months.


Exhibitions can be in development at the time of application

Please email all tour proposals to Visual Arts Program Manager Lauren Mustillo.

For all enquiries please contact [email protected] or 08 84440416


Self-coordinated tours

Country Arts SA can forward touring proposals on to our regional galleries and invite them to get in touch with you directly if they would like to host the tour.

If you would like the information to be forwarded, please indicate this with your application. If there are costs to the gallery associated with the exhibition please make these clear in the application, including an estimated figure.

Regional Galleries Association of South Australia (RGASA)


Artists and curators are encouraged to visit the RGASA website for more information on member galleries and tour opportunities.

Many galleries have exhibition proposal call outs throughout the year. This information is available on the website.