New Guidelines for Regional Arts Fund Quick Response, Step Up and Step Out grants will be available soon.

How to Apply

When writing a grant application it is important to allow plenty of time for preparation and research. The process of gathering this information will also assist you in completing other funding applications so it is worth investing time. The information you are required to submit may vary from one program to another, however there are some basics that are common to most.

  1. Read the Guidelines above to determine which grant is the right match for your project.
  2. Contact a Country Arts SA Grants team member to discuss funding options and for advice on project development.
  3. Select your grant from the Country Arts SA website, this will take you to the online form via Smarty Grants.
  4. Start writing your grant and gathering support material well before the deadline and refer back to your Grants Contact if you have any further questions.
  5. Use the Resources and Documents below to assist with your application, including this handy checklist to ensure you have covered everything.
  6. Submit your application.

Resources & Documents

Here are some helpful resources to use when applying for grants through Country Arts SA:

  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Cultural Information

Australia Council Indigenous Protocols

Cultural Letter of Support

  • Working with Children in the Arts

Working with Children Protocols

Working with Children Check information kit

Screening Check – Find out if you need a check and where to apply

  • Budget

Creating your budget

Budget example

Budget template

Recommended rates

  • Other

Guidelines for Arts and Mental Health

Guarantee Against Loss overview

Artist Confirmation template


  • Quick Response applications are assessed by Country Arts SA grants management staff. Recipients are notified within 10 working days from the date the final application is submitted.
  • Step Up and Step Out applications are assessed by the Country Arts SA Grants Assessment Panel. The successful projects are announced by the Federal Minister for the Arts. Country Arts SA can only notify applicants after this announcement has occurred.


Here are some helpful resources to use when acquitting your grant:

Acquittals – Handy Hints

Images – Handy Hints

Photo Release Form

Image Information sheet