Interested in applying for a grant through Country Arts SA? Read the Guidelines first:

How to Apply

When writing a grant application it is important to allow plenty of time for preparation and research. The process of gathering this information will also assist you in completing other funding applications so it is worth investing time. The information you are required to submit may vary from one program to another, however there are some basics that are common to most.

  1. Read the Guidelines above to determine which grant is the right match for your project.
  2. Contact a Country Arts SA Grants team member to discuss funding options and for advice on project development.
  3. Refer to the Country Arts SA website Resources & Documents page for additional support materials.
  4. Select your grant from the Country Arts SA website, this will take you to the online form via Smarty Grants.
  5. Start writing your grant and gathering support material well before the deadline and refer back to your Grants Contact if you have any further questions.
  6. Use this handy checklist to ensure you have covered everything.
  7. Submit your application.


Projects should:

  • Provide opportunities for skills development and/or professional development outcomes
  • Increase employment opportunities for experienced professional artists, as well as opportunities for ‘emerging’ regional artists to gain more experience, including as part of a residency
  • Applicants are encouraged to engage with and employ South Australian artists as a priority, or explain why a non- South Australian artist is more appropriate for the project
  • Include funding from other sources (Country Arts SA will not fund the whole project)
  • Demonstrate consultation with and involvement of the community in the creative process, direction and management of the project (applications from individuals to a lesser degree) and actively involve the community
  • Seek partnerships with key arts organisations, community groups, individuals, local government and others

The following activities are not eligible for funding:

  • Individuals or organisations who are NOT based in regional South Australia
  • Applicants who reside or are based in a major city or metropolitan location (MMM1) (check your postcode to see if your eligible here)
  • Touring projects that involve touring from major urban centres to regional communities
  • Projects that have commenced or have been completed
  • Curriculum based activities in schools or courses of ongoing education and training
  • Grant applications will not be considered if previous applications have not been acquitted from the Regional Arts Fund
  • Purchase of equipment or infrastructure
  • Costs of organising and running competitions, prizes, awards, or fundraising events


Quick Response applications are assessed by Country Arts SA grants management staff. Recipients are notified within 10 working days from the date the final application is submitted.

Community Grants (Step Up and Step Out) are assessed by the Country Arts SA Grants Assessment Panel. The successful projects are announced by the Federal Minister for the Arts. Country Arts SA can only notify applicants after this announcement has occurred.

Skills Development grants are also assessed by the Grants Assessment Panel.