Opens July 2021

Closes mid-August 2021

How much can I apply for?
Up to $30,000 for groups and organisations

Who is this grant for?
This category is available to support regional, remote and very remote organisations and groups to create high quality and diverse arts projects, encourage community engagement and the development of new cultural networks, build sustainable cultural activity and increase professional development and employment opportunities.

The Step Out grant is now only for groups and organisations.

  • up to $30,000
    This category supports community groups or organisations to undertake creative arts projects in any art form that employs professional artists, assists in the development of sustainable networks, have long term arts and community cultural development outcomes for communities, and extends or advances knowledge, understanding, participation or development of the arts and culture within communities.

Funding: The fund will not cover the entire cost of the project. It is expected that the applicant will contribute and there will be partners that contribute to the project through skills, financial and / or in-kind assistance. Partnerships can be with non-arts sector and specific target groups either within communities, between towns, within regions or across the state.

How to Apply

Eligibility: As with all applications for assistance, your project would need to meet the relevant Regional Arts Fund objectives and criteria. Please read the SA RAF Guidance Material 2020-21.

Talk:  It is strongly recommended that all applicants liaise with a member of the Country Arts SA team prior to lodging their application.  This will offer the best chance of success from drawing on their vast knowledge and experience in this area.