Part of the Southern Childrens Festival 2019

Wildly imaginative, visual theatre for 3-8 year olds and families

When the Mirror Bird Sings is a spirited modern fairytale for 3-8 year olds that shares the story of rare flock of wondrous birds, whose precious mirror-ball eggs give rise to a heartfelt struggle between the forces of kindness and greed.

Featuring the superb music of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” recomposed by Max Richter, the story is told using physical image, movement, dance, ritual and participation.

16 children from the audience become part of the performance, amplifying the themes of hope and renewal.

Directed by: Dave Brown

Performed by:  Juliette and Scott Griffin

Devised by:  Dave Brown, Juliette and Scott Griffin

as part of The PaperBoats international co-creation project.

Technical Support: Bob Weatherly


Island to Inland
  • Visual Arts

Island to Inland

22nd March 2019 — 1st September 2019

Ten Kangaroo Island based visual artists bring ‘mainlanders’ a glimpse of the isolation and inspiration of island life.

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