Board Member

Christie is an experienced arts leader who has worked in the festivals, education and arts sector for over 20 years.

She has experience in senior management, artistic direction, public policy development, event delivery and strategic solutions.

She has a strong commitment to social outcomes that progress creativity, support artists and generate wealth.

Through years of working around the world with experienced professionals in many fields, Christie has built a vast network and is always just degrees away from the right person for the job.  She is a well regarded ‘connector’.

She is able to conceptualize, think in broad framework and yet deliver in practical ways, which, she is told, is quite unique.

Christie’s key skills include;

  • Confidently communicating complex ideas;
  • Providing frank and fearless advice and use political judgement;
  • Leading & developing staff through honest assessment of skill and genuine encouragement
  • Fostering and maintaining networks – nationally & internationally
  • Remaining calm and taking responsibility
  • Building trust and influence
  • Managing budgets and monitoring expenditure using cost-benefit thinking to set priorities;
  • Using honesty, integrity, accountability, and underpinned by a fierce optimism

Christie feels purpose in assisting creativity to be used and valued in today’s society.